Apparel & Uniform Info



All new Cheerleaders are required to purchase a new apparel package:

  1. White V-Neck Crop Top
  2. Silver Boy Cut brief
  3. Kaepa All American Sneaker
  4. Warm Up Suit (Jacket and pants with name embroidered on them)



All returning cheerleaders are required to purchase new sneakers each year. You may also replace order other pieces that no longer fit. Warm up suits will be the same style as the 2018 season. 

KAEPA All American Sneaker PRICING: $55.00  


Uniforms are distributed during the last week of summer practice.  Trying on a uniform at the registration event does not guarantee your child THAT specific uniform. Kids grow from the time they put it on in May/June until they are given out in September so we have to allow for some switching of items to accommodate everyone. 


ALL cheerleaders will get a new blue game-day bow for use during September and November.

They will be distributed at the end of the summer with the uniforms.

OCTOBER BOWS (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

NEW Cheerleaders - all levels: Registration fee includes ONE pink bow. Cheerleaders entering K-4 will also get pink socks 

Returning cheerleaders going into 1-4th grade: You will use your Pink ribbon bow from last year and get new socks. If you no longer have a pink ribbon bow can purchase one for $5. 

Returning cheerleaders going into 5th grade: Will receive a new pink sparkle bow.

Returning cheerleaders going into 6th-8th grade:  Will use their pink sparkle bow from last year. If you no longer have your pink sparkle bow can buy a replacement for $15 . They will be available for purchase late summer.



Have apparel pieces from prior seasons that no longer fit? Hoping to find the next size up so you don't have to buy a new one? Or you just want them out of your house? This year we will have a swap table at the in-person events. Drop off clean items in good condition (no rips, stains, holes) when you get to the event. We will give you a ticket for each item at that time. You can check the table at that point, or come back later or the second night to see if there are items to swap out. We can't promise there will be but we are hopeful we can save people money by doing this. 

Items for swapping:

  • White Bodysuits
  • Silver Shorts
  • Clear Rain Jackets (2 seasons ago)
  • Warm ups Suits (these would only be if we have some kids that can't afford new ones or have similar names but i wouldn't expect to get a similar item in return.)

Exclusions: Sneakers, body suits with snaps, old style warm ups (varsity brand). 

We ask that only returning cheerleaders take advantage of this as new cheerleaders really need a new package to start off with. Complete  apparel packages are most cost effective than buying pieces separately anyway. 

C squad girls that no longer want their pink ribbon bow (will get a diff one in fall) can donate them.

Obviously the variety of items will vary for each fitting and different times of the nights...

so DYFC cannot guarantee you will get one that fits if you drop one off.   

This is the first time we've done this, so please be nice to our volunteers as we work through it so we can do it every year.